Mid Century Herbert Terry Orange Anglepoise Lamp

Mid Century Herbert Terry Orange Anglepoise Lamp SOLD

Lovely Orange Herbert Terry Anglepoise Lamp.

This lamp works but you must carefully load the bayonet bulb for a good connection the switch on the back of shade can be temperamental I’m able to operate fine with a slight knack or light touch. If your not confident perhaps find a perfect one. I want to be completely honest with this. It’s also fine to use by just switching on and off at the socket if your not confident with using the switch. It’s one of those issues for old lamps if your handy I’m sure you could solve it. As far as a stylish lamp that is a bit temperamental it’s fine and looks great. To repeat it works fine you may just have to try the switch a couple of times once on if you don’t want the hassle leave switched on and turn off at the socket. For all vintage electrical items you might want a qualified electrician to check it. That is up to you as the buyer.

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